Data Verification | Quality assurance by means of data verification

Data verification

Quality assurance by means of comprehensive data verification

  • Error minimisation through effective inspection workflow
  • Traceable control of all data records
  • Testing according to customer-specific requirements
Qualitätssicherung mittels umfassender Datenprüfung

Our trained team has a high level of experience in dealing with artwork data. As an integral part of our workflow, there are binding steps in which the data is checked.

The building blocks of our audit workflow include:

  • Checklists
  • TVT
  • 4-eyes-review

During the check, all relevant elements of the data records are taken into account. Customer-specific specifications are checked, content is compared according to approved manuscripts. Codes and technical specifications are checked as well as all settings relevant to printing technology. Die Adherence to design manuals constitutes another verification component. The test procedures are supported by modern and specially designed software.

Transparent customer communication ensures optimal and comprehensible processes. We also offer our customers data verification as a completely independent service.