Packaging & Artwork Experten

The packaging artwork experts

Full-service provider for the design of packaging materials with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Fast and reliable implementation of artwork for over 15 years.

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We are a service provider, in particular, for the creation of pharmaceutical print templates and print-ready files. We create artwork for medical primary and secondary packaging such as folding cartons, package inserts (PIL), instructions for use (IFU), blister films, bags and sachets. From the creation to the dispatch of final print data, we assume all tasks at hand.

Support in the artwork management for packaging materials

Whether a local or global product market launch or the successful implementation of packaging design – we provide you with support every step of the way.

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Good advice from competent contact persons right from the start constitutes the cornerstone of your success. Your direct customer advisor’s experience aids you in sustainably managing complex processes along with the diverse requirements associated therewith. Short response times in combination with great flexibility result in time savings that allow you to concentrate on your own tasks and duties.

Artwork & Design

Packaging, ranging from creation all the way to final print data

As a prepress service provider in the field of packaging design, in addition to the artwork creation, we offer many other services leading all the way to final print acceptance.

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With a primary focus on pharmaceutical companies, we offer adaptations of folding boxes, package inserts and labels according to specified guidelines. We are also very familiar with the regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.


Packaging design with experience and active support

The pharmaceutical industry places a variety of demands on pharmaceutical packaging. We offer our customers the following advantages:

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We support you in coping with all regulatory requirements. Through reliability, precision and optimised communication processes, we design efficient processes and maximise the quality of end products. This saves our customers time and money.
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Time Saving

Short communication channels

Fast response time

Fast implementation

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Secure workflow processes

High-precision production

Efficient quality control

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15 years on the market

Expertise in the pharmaceutical sector

Optimised processes

Quality Management

Successful quality management with individualised workflows

Together with our customers, we define standardised processes (SOPs) individually. Thus, we can guarantee the highest quality and a low risk of errors for pharmaceutical artwork development. In the course of our quality management, the following important building blocks are integrated into these workflows.

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Furthermore, we take requirements such as approved manuscripts, technical specifications, design manuals, guidelines as well as country-specific and regulatory guidelines into account. In the end, the final artwork is in the desired file format, thereby ensuring efficiency, transparency and uniformity via the implemented processes.

Fields of activity

Packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, household cleaners and cosmetics

We serve national and international customers and maintain long-standing business relationships based on partnership. Our team has expertise and experience in all specific packaging design tasks.

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We are happy to fulfil any requirements you may have, from layout to dummies and final artwork to the final print acceptance, for all-round successful packaging material production.


What level of availability and response time should I expect regarding my orders?

Our well-coordinated team ensures very fast response times and a rapid implementation of orders. Change requests are possible by individual arrangement within 24 hours. The processing of several orders within a desired period of time is also guaranteed, which means that a large number of simultaneous orders can be fulfilled.

We are there for you when you need us – in an emergency, even outside our regular business hours, so that you always receive prioritised orders “in-time.”

How do communication and advice take place at Pack-to-Edit?

Fast, direct communication via all common channels, as well as individual advice, assistance and optimisation by our own customer advisors ensure a successful processing of orders.

How can the orders be optimally fulfilled in terms of costs, time and quality?

Through individual advice and support, clearly structured, comprehensible processes are integrated into one’s own workflows, with the aim of reducing costs, time and errors to a minimum.

With our expertise, we constantly analyse ongoing processes for existing optimisation potential in order to ensure continuous further development.

How can safe and smooth processes in artwork management be ensured?

The use of state-of-the-art technology, the use of common software in all available versions, intelligent text-review software and individually set up workflows with quality assurance by several control bodies ensure compliance with a very high level of quality.

We guarantee the redundant security of your data with guaranteed availability through daily backups of all relevant data on our local servers.
In order to keep data handling as simple and transparent as possible, we are happy to establish a direct connection to your specific management systems.

How familiar is Pack-to-Edit with pharma-specific regulations?

With over 12 years of experience, we are used to working according to external auditing processes. Through strongly process-oriented work, we offer you our services as an all-round package, so that your specific specifications are implemented in the best possible way.

Standardised PDF files created by us can be used worldwide for production to ensure a smooth process.

What are the costs and how can savings be made a reality here?

The costs depend on the individual case and are determined with your personal contact person. The overview of cost control is given in the ongoing process by a transparent cost structure at all times and clear invoicing takes place after individual adaptation to customer needs. Cost reductions are possible through process-optimised workflows.