Pictograms | Creation or adaptation of graphical elements


Development, creation or adaptation of graphical elements

  • New development of pictograms and graphics
  • Adaptation of existing graphics
  • CI-compliant implementation
Entwicklung und Erstellungn von Piktogrammen

We develop memorable and purpose-oriented pictograms according to your specifications. In keeping with the corporate design, these complete your visual language and convey information faster in the form of graphics instead of text.

Depending on the task, we use existing symbols, modify them if necessary or develop completely new pictograms for you for the graphical representation of words, terms or processes.

Goals in the design of pictograms are:

  • High recognition value
  • Uniqueness
  • Conciseness and visual attractiveness
  • Expressiveness and easy comprehensibility
  • Memorability
  • Product and company orientation