Foreign language typesetting | Implementation of different languages

Foreign language typesetting

Implementation of different languages according to country-specific specifications

  • Qualified foreign language typesetting
  • Implementation of 82 languages
  • Consideration of country-specific requirements
Umsetzung von 82 Sprachen

In addition to all European languages, we also edit artwork for you for the Russian, Arabic and Asian language areas. The technically complex implementation of texts with opposite reading directions is also a matter of course for us. Even with multilingual packaging materials, we maintain the “look and feel” of your product design so that your product remains recognisable worldwide.

In accordance with your specifications, we treat delivered manuscripts as strictly binding or revise them linguistically and orthographically. We bring your texts into line with the existing design specifications. In doing so, we also take country-specific requirements into account and ensure that your product is optimally prepared for the respective market.