• Complying with the manufacturer’s technical specifications
  • Adapting artwork to implement serialisation
  • Project management with manufacturers

Are you looking for support services when it comes to the coding and serialisation of folding boxes and adhesive labels?

We bring the artwork for your packaging in line with the technical requirements of serialisation. Each manufacturer has their own technical methods of meeting the requirements for serialisation. For this reason, we implement serialisation requirements specific to each manufacturer, putting technology, current design and the required reliability together under one roof. We are happy to coordinate directly with the appropriate manufacturer.

Together we will make it safely to next year when, as of 9 February 2019, the serialisation of pharmaceutical packaging will be legally required in Europe. That means that your packaging must be adapted by this deadline, protecting your brand(s) against misuse. Do you operate on the international market? If so, regional requirements and deadlines also play a role.

What is serialisation?

Product piracy has become a serious problem in the pharmaceutical industry. To counteract this, many countries and the EU are responding with stricter requirements. The goal of these requirements is to ensure that medication is protected against tampering (tamper evidence) from the beginning of the production chain until the product is sold to the end customer and to prevent illegal trafficking.

This goal will soon be obtained by way of an online 2D data matrix code. In combination with the 2D data matrix code, the product code and serial number including the production data must be visible in plain text on the packaging. A seal (Tesla label), or completely sealing the folding box, also guarantees protection against tampering.

Should you require help with serialisation, we would be happy to advise you and ensure the flawless execution of your packaging design.

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